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Patients use Repose.

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Products developed with NHS in 1997

Clinically Proven | 3M+ Cust. | 2yr Warranty |

More Products developed with UK's NHS, clinically proven by experts and used by over 3 Million customers. Our products 2 year Warranty is our promise that if you are not satisfied we will put it right. Less

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About us

Repose® is a market-leading range of clinically effective, medical products (cushions, mattress overlays, recliner chair cushions etc) used in both the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers (bedsores). It is a well-established and clinically proven brand which has been supporting both clinicians and patients since 1997.

Repose® was developed in conjunction with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) through the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, UK, and has contributed to the treatment of more than 3 million NHS patients across both the hospital and home care sectors.

Repose® is part of the Frontier Medical Group ( which is a leading medical device company providing consumable products and services to major international health care providers and direct to consumers.